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What a way to kick off Pride Weekend in SF!

Wendy Ho will be at one of my fav spots tonight, Rebel Bar in SF with DJ Hawthorne for a Pride Kick-off celebration! There will be drinks (strong and plentiful), singing, AND a ticket giveaway for this weekend’s Sandra Bernhard show (and I hear discounted tickets will be sold as well!)

Don’t forget to try some of my FAV BBQ (and soon to be yours too) from Sneaky’s and baked goodies from Hot Mess Bakery, also sold at Rebel!

1760 Market Street (at Octavia) 415.431.4200

And if you have never experienced the joy of a Wendy Ho tune… check it!


From AP-


The California Supreme Court says merchants in the state can no longer ask credit card customers for their ZIP codes.

The high court ruled unanimously on Thursday that asking for ZIP codes violates a longstanding California law passed to protect the privacy of credit card users.

The decision came in a lawsuit against Williams-Sonoma Inc., whose clerk asked Jessica Pineda for her ZIP code several years ago. Pineda sued the company in 2008, alleging the retailer violated the credit card law and her privacy.

The court, led by Justice Carlos Moreno, didn’t address Pineda’s privacy claims. But it agreed that the retailer’s request violated provisions of the law passed in 1990 that protects consumers from divulging personal identification information.

The ruling overturned an appeals court decision tossing out the lawsuit.

Sad news for hungry bellies in the East Bay…

Jon’s Street Eats has announced this week (ending Feb 12) is his last week with his famed food cart out and about. He has accepted a chef position in Marin County. We are happy for him, but saddened for those who won’t get the chance to try his fabulous food.

Also came word today that Vamos Primos has effective immediately closed down their Parilla truck and won’t be out and about anymore. No more grilled chicken or steak with their sauce? Devastating! They will be missed, some of the nicest people with some of the best street food.

Let’s hope this isn’t a trend for 2011.


This day just got a lot brighter…

The news came out today… Homeroom Mac + Cheese will FINALLY open on February 15th!

I became familiar with their mac + cheese at one of the Pop-Up General shop days at Grace Street Catering. It was delish! So glad to hear the grand opening is less then a week away, as if there is one thing I truly love on the same level as a good cheeseburger, is good mac + cheese.

Oh Happy Day…

homeroom maccheese

Homeroom is coming! Homeroom is coming!

400 40th street, oakland, ca 94609.

Blocks from Macarthur Bart Station.

I always wanted to go and check this place out, but not for $250-400 dollars a night. If they needed money they should have done a Groupon like the Fairmont in SF…


credit: Tiffany Kary- Bloomberg News


The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa, a symbol of Bay Area luxury for nearly a century, was one of five high-end resorts filing for bankruptcy on Tuesday, following an ill-fated acquisition by Morgan Stanley in 2007.

The hotels, which include Hawaii’s Grand Wailea Resort and the Club at PGA West in Southern California, took the step after lenders seized them from Morgan Stanley’s real estate funds. The plan is to keep operating the properties during bankruptcy.

The move is the latest shakeup at the Claremont, which once served as a residential hotel, convention hall and concert venue for the likes of Count Basie and Louis Armstrong. Now marketed as a resort and spa, it has suffered in recent years from a slump in tourism and luxury spending. Rooms can go for more than $400, putting it out of reach of budget travelers.

Morgan Stanley acquired the group of hotels four years ago for $6.6 billion – along with three other resorts that aren’t filing for bankruptcy – in a bid to bolster the Wall Street firm’s real estate holdings.

At the time, luxury properties were fetching record prices and tourism was thriving. When the lodging industry tanked during the recession, the investment soured. Debt of $1.5 billion came due Tuesday, prompting a foreclosure of the properties.

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