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But whatever. Blame the black guy. Seems to be working for Trump.

Under Armour disappointed with Curry 3 sales – SFGate

Here is the entire performance from the recent DNC fundraiser at the Warfield, SF CA 2015. Enjoy!



Are you surprised? Me neither..

Rick Owens has never been one to shy away from the extreme. His runway shows are virtually always a spectacle, having had his models do some undoubtedly odd and even questionable things over the years. For his latest, Owens instructed …

Source: Rick Owens Had His Models Wear Other Models at His Latest Show | Highsnobiety



Every single thing he said was correct. Vogue is a laughingstock now, especially after putting the likes of a Kardashian on the cover, and Anna Wintour is simply doing too much.


And Heidi… girl… that dress! Did you lose a bet? Who hurt you?



Tell us how you really feel, Tim Gunn! The “Project Runway” mentor appears on “The Meredith Vieira Show” on Wednesday, where he doesn’t hold…

Source: Tim Gunn Slams Anna Wintour’s “Bad Behavior,” Trashes Heidi Klum’s Emmy Dress |

say good for him! Hopefully the brand will continue to thrive..

Well damn! This is mighty enlightening… Explains so much about y’all 70s-80s folks.

Sigh… What an ass.
Not surprised though…. Many new school business “leaders” have this mentality.

Serious question: Do these folks ever think about the consequences of their actions? How damaging these actions are to the company? Investors? Why is he flaming the fire by acting childish on Twitter? …