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Well well well…..

The tech crunch is experiencing an interesting turn of events. Start-ups are now moving their customer support and other services out of the Bay Area because the costs are simply too damn high.

Not the higher end positions too much, but you know that’s next.

The only thing I wonder about is what happens when tech companies stop expanding in the Bay Area and folks flock elsewhere. Will the rents drop? Will the jobs lost be made up elsewhere? Will SF end up looking like a ghost town because the cool kids moved on to hipper, cheaper surroundings?

We’ll soon find out!


Not surprised, I’ve heard this about him before.

Hmmm… Successfully ran his own biz for years and a pothead at the same time. How did he do it?

That… Was sarcasm. In case you didn’t “get” that…

You can chalk this up to “Only in SF”…

That being said I look forward to visiting once it’s open

Here go hell come…

So what do you think Oakland? Good or bad?


Leap Transit, the startup that served fresh-pressed juice to commuters on its luxury buses, has filed for bankruptcy. The company could identify more than $129,000 in owed back wages and other claims, but it had a long list of creditors and investors that it had to notify about its bankruptcy. The critics in San Francisco claimed it was just another way for rich techies to get to work — the city already has an extensive network of commuter shuttles. A city supervisor reportedly called it a “crock of s—” and criticized it for creating a two-tier transit system in the city when it first launched in 2013. The high-end line of buses were equipped with Wi-Fi, coffee, snacks, power outlets, and leather seats. The company attracted money from some of the top venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, including Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. When Business Insider reporter Matt Weinberger rode it during the first week, the Leap “attendant” on the bus said that it had already changed its stop locations twice after the bus blocked a homeowner’s driveway and then a convenience store. Given free rein to choose my seat, I sat down at what looked like the counter at your everyday coffee shop and sat on the leather stool, facing the window so I could watch the masses not on a private bus go by.

Source: Leap, the luxury San Francisco commuter bus, is bankrupt and selling its buses for $5 each – SFGate

Hey all!

So, there is this local (SF) company named Sonas. They make these amazing custom patchwork jeans as well as t-shirts. They are currently running a fundraising effort via indie a gogo. Please take a look and share/support if you can.

You can even aquire your very own pair of the fashionable and slimming jeans for $99.00! Let’s help an indie designer make their dreams come true…


First things first, this is disgusting and my grandest sympathies go out to the poor soils who had to endure this bs. Thank goodness it wasn’t me.

Keep it classy San Francisco!

Via SFist

… And that dude showed he all about the fuckery on a local show on KRON4….


I’m so excited…

I’m so excited…

I’m so….. scared….

For my pocketbook that is!

Indie Mart!

One of my favorite all time shopping events is back on! After 8 months, Indie Mart SF is back! This Sunday, July 24th, at Thee Parkside, it’s going down! Everything you could ever want and more… shit ton of local and indie vendors selling their wares, vintage, makeovers, photo booths, quirky, accessories, bbq, food trucks, beer, shoes, stiff drinks, they will have it all!

There is also a focus on DIY’ers, live bands and sex kitten/f’d up makeovers!

This is one of the events I always try to make it to, as it’s always a ton of fun. The crowd is a mix of hipster (duh), marina chicks, rough, rugged, and chill. Everyone is out to shop, sip and have a good time. Some things i’ve seen for sale in the past has been shrunken heads, chunky rings, vintage dresses, long studded earrings, sunglasses, and cosmetics. Everytime I go I find a merchant I love love LOVE and can’t live without. And, they are all indie! INDIE! No Forever 21 or sponsored by Macy’s bullsh…. nah. Nah son….

And, this time around there will be street indie food vendors on site as well. Of course  Parkside will be selling their BBQ and tots, but for the first time there will be mobile food vendors representing as well. Brass Knuckle, Kung Fu Tacos, Angry Man Eats (had him last weekend at El Rio, his chicken and waffles were the ISH!), Pizza Hacker and Rice Paper Scissors will be slinging as well!

So, here’s the deets. Admission is a sliding scale of $3-5.00. It’s a fundraiser for the founder Kelly Malone’s cancer treatments. You can also donate $20.00 and get some freebies, a raffle ticket, and entry into the aftershow. You want entry into the bar where the bands play and drinks? You’ll need to be 21+. Otherwise, all are welcome.

Yes my 18+ or whatever peeps, you can come too. Your welcome.


The Indie-Mart Street Fair
Sunday July 24th, 12-7pm
Thee Parkside- 17th st & all down Wisconsin (San Francisco- Take Bart to 16th ST, 22 Filmore)

ALL AGES- 21 to booze it up.