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But whatever. Blame the black guy. Seems to be working for Trump.

Under Armour disappointed with Curry 3 sales – SFGate

Have you ever heard of PAVC? I hadn’t either, until I happen to come across a post about it. Apparently, in somewhere women pregnancy can induce cancer!
Read more about it here. (Via Vogue)

Dope Music Find Of The Week

Ladies and Gentleman, please enjoy my favorite clip of the week…

I present CL and her latest “Hello Bitches”

Get into it…

I support Leslie Miley, and I hope you do to. Diversity in tech is important, and we need to start taking it seriously instead of the usual lipspeak.


I’m actually planning to purchase one of these to add to my streaming collection (yes, I also have a Roku and a Chromecast) so I’m glad someone pointed this out ahead of time. Bravo Mashable!

This can go one of two ways….


The school will be free and open to any student living in California. Since starting Oracle Corp. 38 years ago, Ellison has amassed an estimated fortune of $54 billion that has enabled him to buy most of the Hawaiian island of Lanai, own elaborate homes around the world and bankroll two victories in sailing’s premier race, the America’s Cup. Oracle’s commitment to Design Tech comes less than a week after Facebook’s billionaire CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and his wife, Priscilla Chan, announced plans to finance a school for pre-school through eighth-grade students in one of Silicon Valley’s few least affluent communities, East Palo Alto.

Source: Oracle to build high school on its Silicon Valley campus

Hey fellow SF /Bay Area folk…

Did you know the daily behind the Tadich Grill are apparently bigots? So much in fact that the parents disowned their daughter many years ago for dating and then marrying a black man named Gene Upshaw (who for the record had an accomplished career and was also the need of the NFL Players Association)?  Read on…..

Stories like this sadden me. A kid loves haunted houses, feels inspired to start his own, actually teaches himself carpentry and manages most details himself, even designates profits to charity, and yet that could all end in a blink of an eye because of one neighbor.

You know, I can see both sides here. But, the neighbors are adults. They should have made more of an attempt to resolve this with the family directly instead of being “those people”.

Maybe the city can donate an ever bigger and better location for it? It would be a shame that this kid, who sounds amazing by the way, should have his project possibly completely snuffed out because of one neighbors issues.

Remember when YouTube was this awesome fancy site where you could look up funny cat videos and old music videos to show your co-workers? Yep well the free ride is over children.

Like they say… business is a business. 


YouTube’s taking big steps towards transforming itself into a media service that you pay for like you pay for Netflix. Fancy YouTube! Aren’t you psyched?

Source: YouTube Red: $10 For Video With No Ads, Plus Streaming Music, Plus Original Content