Hello Lovelies!

Soooo, I am much behind on my Xmas shopping. Some of it is because of the rain,but majority of the delay is pure procrastination. I know many of the people I would even consider buying gifts for i’m not going to see Xmas week, so basically they can wait. Everyone else though, I don’t know what to give them. Gift cards? Booze? I gave my brother cash, would that do?

For those like me that haven’t finished, or started for that matter, here are some last minute shopping websites, ideas, suggestions….


That dress shop or that funky vintage boutique you always pass by on your way to work? That consignment shop near downtown your stylish cousin told you about? Check it out! You can find some of the best deals, one off finds or unique gift ideas. And a great consignment store will have items so f’n fab it will pass as new. Hell, it’s new to them right?  Besides, your keeping your dollars local and helping your community at the same time, and helping a small biz owner pay their staff and grow.

2. Online Flash Sales sites

If you don’t have a membership to the hot flash sales sites like Gilt or Rue La La, don’t trip, your about to get put on in a bit. For those that don’t know, these flash sales sites are fantastic! The sales usually last anywhere from 24-72 hours, quantity is limited, and when its done its done! Buy all that mid-high designer gear from everyone from Puma- Alexander McQueen and all in between at up to 80% off (discounts usually average 30-50% discount).

Oh, and some sites such as Gilt also offer discounted vacation packages or lodging.

Your membership links:

Gilt Groupe


Rue La La


Beyond the Rack




3. Apps

Got a smartphone? Then why on earth are you still paying retail or shopping and wondering if such and such is on sale elsewhere? Download a bar code scanner app and get to serious business. Many box box stores such as Target and Best Buy have their own apps you can use for shopping as well.

4. Food

Everybody eats. Vegans, Vegetarians, Carnivores. Send them one of those fruit baskets. Get some steaks from Omaha Steaks. Lobster tails. Cheesecakes. Cooking lessons! Help you help them. Done!

5. Booze

Depending on where you are (statewise or country) you can have wine or liquior delivered, either via a local store or by purchasing online and having it shipped. Check out the following booze enporioums for great gift sets or quick ideas for everyone from your boss to your mother in law. 



I hope this has brought many of you a little less stress!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!