Ah Valentine’s Day. The holiday that evokes shopping panic attacks from many. What do I get him/her? Jewelry? Fancy dinner? Eyelash Extensions?

Well, don’t panic, we are here to help. Did you know that there are a number of artists and designers making beautiful, affordable and original jewelry and accessory pieces right here in the Bay Area? Surprise your loved one AND help your local economy.. win win!

Does your loved one have a funky punky sense of style? Then I recommend you check out Bedlam Accessories, a sick new line that’s been receiving a lot of buzz (well deserved at that!). They carry a great collection of fun and funky accessories such as earrings and hairwear, and folks are going CRAZY for their sunglasses! Check out their new designs and bring out the inner diva/divo of your loved one!


Hottest eyewear in da bay!

Fun and fresh fashion can also be found at Headbanger Accessories, an online accessories boutique based in Oakland! Not only are the accessories created by hand, many also offer the option of customization as well! Imagine your loved one opening their gift, and they not only have the perfect earrings, but you had it customized so that it pairs well with their favorite pair of shoes! Get your bang on today!


Girls Rock!

Or maybe momma/poppa needs a brand new bag? Then check out the Urbane Village Collection from Peasants and Travelers from San Francisco. With materials such as waxed cotton and natural cork, they will not only be stylish, but eco-friendly! For local retail locations or to place an order online follow the link!

Saddle Bag

Saddle Bag from Peasants and Travelers


Besides, you can always hide something shiny and sparkly in the bag as well *wink*! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!