Every now and then I will feature items from my personal collection that I love.. enjoy!


These pics are of one of my favorite hoodies that I own. The artist featured on the screen print on the front and back is the illustrious Josephine Baker.


Josephine Baker Hoodie Front Panel

Do you have any idea how rare it is to find cool indie hipster gear with a black icon on it… that’s NOT a rapper, or rocker, or jesus? If that’s your thing, hurrah, but honestly I get irritated when the only designs I see featuring people of color is limited to those choices or the usual afro or airbrush of whatever R&B singer is hot at the moment. Bleh.


The Back- Josephine Baker Hoodie

Which is why I LOVE my hoodie. Warm, fab, fresh and indie.

Fresh outta Oakland @ Fifty Seven- Thirty Three