I’m so excited…

I’m so excited…

I’m so….. scared….

For my pocketbook that is!

Indie Mart!

One of my favorite all time shopping events is back on! After 8 months, Indie Mart SF is back! This Sunday, July 24th, at Thee Parkside, it’s going down! Everything you could ever want and more… shit ton of local and indie vendors selling their wares, vintage, makeovers, photo booths, quirky, accessories, bbq, food trucks, beer, shoes, stiff drinks, they will have it all!

There is also a focus on DIY’ers, live bands and sex kitten/f’d up makeovers!

This is one of the events I always try to make it to, as it’s always a ton of fun. The crowd is a mix of hipster (duh), marina chicks, rough, rugged, and chill. Everyone is out to shop, sip and have a good time. Some things i’ve seen for sale in the past has been shrunken heads, chunky rings, vintage dresses, long studded earrings, sunglasses, and cosmetics. Everytime I go I find a merchant I love love LOVE and can’t live without. And, they are all indie! INDIE! No Forever 21 or sponsored by Macy’s bullsh…. nah. Nah son….

And, this time around there will be street indie food vendors on site as well. Of course Ā Parkside will be selling their BBQ and tots, but for the first time there will be mobile food vendors representing as well. Brass Knuckle, Kung Fu Tacos, Angry Man Eats (had him last weekend at El Rio, his chicken and waffles were the ISH!), Pizza Hacker and Rice Paper Scissors will be slinging as well!

So, here’s the deets. Admission is a sliding scale of $3-5.00. It’s a fundraiser for the founder Kelly Malone’s cancer treatments. You can also donate $20.00 and get some freebies, a raffle ticket, and entry into the aftershow. You want entry into the bar where the bands play and drinks? You’ll need to be 21+. Otherwise, all are welcome.

Yes my 18+ or whatever peeps, you can come too. Your welcome.


The Indie-Mart Street Fair
Sunday July 24th, 12-7pm
Thee Parkside- 17th st & all down Wisconsin (San Francisco- Take Bart to 16th ST, 22 Filmore)

ALL AGES- 21 to booze it up.