Beyonce & Thierry Mugler

-Thierry Mugler’s idea

What he wants is a lot of dramatization and metamorphosis on stage. The ideas? To sublimate Beyonce by playing on the ambivalence of half-woman, half-warrior. “I tried to understand the two aspects of her personality, bringing my own perception of things.”

-How They Met 

She, an international Pop & R&B superstar. He, a fashion icon.

Beyonce visits the Superheroes exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and discovers Thierry Mugler’s early designs. Adored by millions of fans, Beyonce turns into one of the designers fans. Seduced by his inimitable universe, she asks him to personally create the costumes for her ‘I Am…” world tour.

-A Super-Show

For her, the designer imagines 58 stage costumes, together with those of the dancers and her all-female musicians. At her request, Thierry Mugler also becomes creative director. He creates and signs the decors, as well as the lighting design for the main scenes. Beyonce’s mega show started March 26, 2009.

Calling Beyonce stans…