12 Stars for Eddie Izzard

EU Flag Practicing Eddie stopped by in Berlin for a show and needed to get his nails done.

No problem I thought. But when I practiced painting the European Union Flag I realized it’s tougher than it looks.
12 tiny stars, in a circle, on a curved canvas are pretty challenging.

But I’m not that type of artist who gives up easily and after a few attempts it finally worked out.
What do you think?

I really liked Eddie’s trademark flags and thought it would be a nice idea to paint him a set of flags for each remaining country on his European tour and  Berlin-Bear nails as a souvenir.

Eddie Izzard European Tour Flag Nails

The candynailz ladies were supa hospitable. They allowed me do the nail art at their salon and Ina did a great job on the gel.

Eddie Izzard Flag Nails