MG EX181 (1957)

—MG what?

Think of the EX181 as an MGA on steroids. This car had the engine from an MGA (1.5 liters) but it was running on 86% methanol laced with nitrobenzene, acetone and sulphuric ether (I have no idea of what I just wrote, see it here)

So, in 1957, MG have asked our good man Stirling Moss to take it for a spin on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The result was a world record of 245mph (395kph) and a great day for MG.

Two years later, a slightly refined version of the engine was put to the test again, this time by Phil Hill, setting the record a bit further at 254mph.

—While I’m at it, have a very nice week!