Sigh…. You guys…

I’m seeing a trend continue online that I feel I can no longer ignore. The trend of the

person who asks too many questions when the answer is “LITERALLY RIGHT IN THEIR FACE



If your favorite indie store/merchants post something on Instagram letting you know that it’s now available, introducing new merchandise or even simply showing the selection they have on hand, please don’t be that person in the comments with “how much” or “tell me more about it”. Don’t.

Know why?

Because it’s on their website. Or in the details.
True story.

I can’t tell you how many times recently I have seen a dozen or so questions typed out on someone’s twitter or Instagram feed to someone by folks who don’t even ATTEMPT to look up the answers on their own. Too many simple people with smart phones. Their website is listed in their profile people!

Maybe it’s just me. I’m the type where I like to search down the rabbit hole and look for the answer before someone asks the question. But a lot of this seems to be common sense. At least try.


Stop posting on people’s pictures with your “tips and tirades” on their lives. A pregnant woman posts a pic of her lunch with an orange soda, and now there is a stampede of people demanding she abstain from such. Someone posts a pic of their favorite outfit. Ya’ll start posting that they shouldn’t wear those white shoes with that blouse.

Meanwhile too many of you keyboard gangsters are in sweats, wearing plastic hair and sneakers that looks like space boots while chain smoking. Hmph

Stop putting bacon in everything. Stop.
You don’t like sushi? OK that’s fair.

Does not mean you get to tell me that I can’t have sushi. Do like the others and order the teriyaki plate and sit silently.

When crossing the street, put your phone away.

Don’t worry, be happy.