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Here is the entire performance from the recent DNC fundraiser at the Warfield, SF CA 2015. Enjoy!


Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t “get” it. It looks like the exact same trash from last year.

Where is the FASHION! IMO, the only reason Anna and the others entertain this foolishness is due to his celebrity… and his known penchant for throwing hissy fits. Boy bye!



Source: Kanye West’s second fashion show at NYFW – Business Insider


I know you all are going to be shocked by the answer.


Disbelieving eyes and frozen looks of shock.

That by the way, was sarcasm…

Check out what the latest victim of Kanye West and his “ways” says about working with the rapper, and why the designer found working with Kanye “challenging”.

Kanye West strikes again!