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Insanity! Every time something comes along that can help common folks make a lil bit of money, and it quickly gets outlawed. Booooo!
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First things first, this is disgusting and my grandest sympathies go out to the poor soils who had to endure this bs. Thank goodness it wasn’t me.

Keep it classy San Francisco!

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See, my grandma was a Delta. This bothers me. A lot. And reminds me why I never bothered to pledge a sorority.

Know what? I’m truly disgusted. This is why I only buy meat from one spot where I know what they believe in. Ugh

I have officially had it with some folks. And red velvet to boot? Smh…–laughs?utm_campaign=socialflow_jezebel_facebook&utm_source=jezebel_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow


… And that dude showed he all about the fuckery on a local show on KRON4….


Check out this interesting article regarding Bank of America and their sweetheart deal with California’s EDD Department. The pre-paid cards are showing up in mailboxes starting this week (no more checks, even if that’s your preference). Oh, and they are arriving late BTW.. the EDD quote a time of 1-3 biz days but they are arriving up to a week later then your paper checks for many folks, and no, there us no accountability for that.

In other words, you call the bank customer service line… Nothing. EDD can’t help you. If your ish is late… Oh well.

Good times! Besides, who needs to pay bills anyway. Smh…

This is a life lesson. Listen and learn…

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Lingerie guy

This guy flies so much on American he's a VIP, but no baggy jeans allowed?


The funny thing is, this guy is kinda infamous for his wardrobe on flights. I’ve seen his pics posted online before. Apparently, this guy flies SO MUCH on American he’s actually a VIP customer. Yet, they have no issue allowing him to board but a young man in baggy jeans has got to go?

So what do you think? Racism, PC-correctness run amok, a mix of both or a completely separate issue?

Above pic ripped from @Jezebel