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I had to share this…  Because it’s funny. And to be honest there is a lot of truth in it as well. Enjoy!


Stefon is always hilarious. One of the best characters to appear on SNL.  Enjoy!

Enhance Your Lighting – GE: http://youtu.be/egIY7ushchU

Possibly one of the best video clips I’ve seen this year. Also,  Jeff Goldblum is hot.

Do you know who John McAfee is? Well just in case you don’t, I he’s the kinda (allegedly) bats hit crazy guy who founded his namesake company some years ago, and was recently wanted by authorities to touch base regarding the death of a neighbor in a company he was residing in for some time. And so on etc.. You get my point.

So anyway, so he uploaded this gem to YouTube today. And I’m passing on this sugary sweet gem to you. NSFW so email the link to your personal account and watch it on your phone…

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I love this show, so sad to see it go.
Enjoy! And check out the full Seasons 1-2 on YouTube!

This… Is hilarious. And 110% true.

#FACT #TheOatmeal #funny

What happens when you have a one night stand and then.. The city goes into lockdown the

A cautionary and funny one night stand tale..

Ok. She tried it. Triiiiieeed it. #funny #Maury

My all time favorite Sweet 16