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Balmain Spring/Summer 2011 Show (without audio)


In 2011…

…lets not put bacon in every recipe. Seriously…the bacon covered donuts, chocolate covered bacon candied bacon bits etc has gotten old. As. Fcuk.

…lets not call everyone who does not agree with us or our choices a “hater”. Maybe they aren’t haters. Maybe they are people with some damn sense trying to show you the light or they simply disagree. But everything is not a conspiracy against you. Your not the KGB. 

…lets get fit…for real ladies! Body Magics are little more then redesigned corsets/bustier. Squeezing your fat won’t make you lose weight. Hydroxycut only goes so far. Exercise more, drink more WATER. Eat better. Quit carrying those popeyes coupons in your purse. 

…learn that lotion is our friend, not our enemy.

…make smart fashion choices. Low-rise ain’t for everybody. I don’t care if they sell some at Lane Bryant. There are curvy women who may look great in that blouse or those pants, but it does not mean your one of them. Men, unless your a big boy, stop buying those big ass pants, you look rubber bootsey. Please know your body, know what colors look good on you and dress accordingly.

…not buy designer gear we can’t afford just for the name. Listen, there are too many hot indie designers coming up for everyone to break their necks to run to the overpriced big retailer downtown and buy those shoes or that blouse that is marked up 12000 percent. Not to say all indie stuff is legit, i’ve seen some downright awful ish, but nowadays its much more inventive and fly then a lot of that mainstream stuff. And let’s keep it real… everyone knows many of the big fashion houses rip their ideas from the indies and run with it anyway *wink*.

…stop buying food you feed your family with from a grocery outlet or hood grocery store. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule, some spots have quality neighborhood corner stores that are respectable enough to buy grocery items in, but not all. And many of those grocery outlets carry food that has been phased out for various reasons or expired. There is a reason you have never heard of that brand.

…lets work together to discourage any more hoodtastic reality shows. With the exception of LaLa’s show, VH1 has been the biggest ringleader in the “this shit passes for a show?” circus. Of course, there is MTV and their years long journey to play everything but music videos. Bravo is also in the game with the Housewives franchise (the black aka ATL version getting more VH1-ish every week) and let’s not forget E!, what with the gems what were Girls Next Door, Kendra, Holly’s World, Keeping up with the Munsters and their 50,000 spin-offs. Remember when we had these people called actors, who went to school or were born with the talent to read a script written by an actual writer and project their performance as that character, making you believe in the story, captivating your interest to the point where you wanted to know what was going on with the characters week by week, making you tune in, making stars of the actors who went on to act in movies and either become Hollywood legends or forever stars of the small screen? Yeah, more of that…

…we as a people need to come to an agreement that there are Apple/Ipod people, and there are Droid/Blackberry people. You can’t be both.

For the record i’m proudly TEAM DROID! 

I hope those that don’t have jobs get hired, I hope more homeless people find homes, and I hope we all make it thru the year in happiness and in health..