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This is a PSA. Please take notes and tell the others. Thanks…


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Hands down one of the funniest parodies ive seen

I’m going to post his clips weekly because they are really PSA worthy not to mention funny as fuck. Get some

She reminds me of at least 3 friends of mine, including me. ❤ it!

Hipsters are hilarious…
And don’t forget to “Butter yo shit”

What a way to kick off Pride Weekend in SF!

Wendy Ho will be at one of my fav spots tonight, Rebel Bar in SF with DJ Hawthorne for a Pride Kick-off celebration! There will be drinks (strong and plentiful), singing, AND a ticket giveaway for this weekend’s Sandra Bernhard show (and I hear discounted tickets will be sold as well!)

Don’t forget to try some of my FAV BBQ (and soon to be yours too) from Sneaky’s and baked goodies from Hot Mess Bakery, also sold at Rebel!

1760 Market Street (at Octavia) 415.431.4200

And if you have never experienced the joy of a Wendy Ho tune… check it!

This is one of the greatest things in the history of great things…

Enjoy. And go the fuck to sleep!

Sorry for the jumplink all, it won’t inbed into the blog. *sigh*

Anyway… it’s after the jump!

Go The F*ck To Sleep!