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Google likes to keep all of your voice searches on its servers so it can more easily learn to recognize your voice, understand what you might be looking for in the future, and, of course, serve you ads. If you want to review this archive of Google Now searches and clear it out, here’s what to do.

Source: How To Find and Delete Everything You’ve Ever Said to Google Now


What….. a surprise (not really)

Facebook is back on that BS kiddies… Time to make Google+ my main Social Media page to keep up with old friends and associates. A little tired of always having to scramble to change settings in what feels like never-ending sneak attacks on privacy to appease advertisers and give Facebook more private info to leverage for their own purposes. Over it…

See below:

IMPORTANT PRIVACY NOTICE: Facebook imported all the contact #s from my phone. To see, click ACCOUNT, then EDIT FRIENDS. To the left, click CONTACTS. All phone numbers from your mobile phone (FB friends or not) are published. This makes me VERY uncomfortable. TO REMOVE: Go to the paragraph to the right of the contact info & click “THIS PAGE” at the end.


Have you had enough? I think I have. Be sure to forward to your friends and associates!