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In My Opinion…

Many Pretty Dresses…

Why is it so many starlets don’t get their hair styled? This messy ponytail barely combed look is trife. Put some effort into it ladies! $$$ gowns with gym hair=fail….

Like the Golden Globes, very light on accessories for most. Boring….

I’m glad not too many went the prom dress look way. As far as i’m concerned that trend is dead, and has been for a while…

What’s with the gothic heavy eye make-up many women sported? They look like raccoons? 

Disliked some of E!’s habits in its SAG coverage. This screen within a screen promoting the Sunday night programming, especially when stars were walking the red carpet, or shrinking the star that was nice enough to stop for an interview and focusing the main window on arrivals was just rude.

Overall, pretty good! Can’t wait to see the Fashion Police Monday night!

Luxurylatte ❤


Jennifer Lawrence- SAG Awards 2011

Sarah Hyland- SAG Awards 2011

Carla Buono- SAG Awards 2011

Jane Krakowski- SAG Awards 2011

LL Cool J and Bryan Cranston- SAG Awards 2011

Angie Harmon- SAG Awards 2011

Jenna Uskowitz- SAG Awards 2011

Haliee Steinfeld in Prada- SAG Awards 2011

Angela Kinsey- SAG Awards 2011