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Hey fellow SF /Bay Area folk…

Did you know the daily behind the Tadich Grill are apparently bigots? So much in fact that the parents disowned their daughter many years ago for dating and then marrying a black man named Gene Upshaw (who for the record had an accomplished career and was also the need of the NFL Players Association)?  Read on…..



This is how ridiculous the start-up game gas gotten in SF. People are actually paying to take naps in pods at lunch time. Actual American $$$. 

Go home techie friends. Your drunk.



I have so many conflicted feelings about this. I truly understand both sides, but a resolution won’t be coming overnight. Right now the Bay Area and SF in particular is a smoldering powder keg about to blow. And when it does, it won’t be pretty for anyone involved.



Source: Tech Workers in San Francisco Feel Threatened by Long Term Residents | NBC Bay Area

You can chalk this up to “Only in SF”…

That being said I look forward to visiting once it’s open



Leap Transit, the startup that served fresh-pressed juice to commuters on its luxury buses, has filed for bankruptcy. The company could identify more than $129,000 in owed back wages and other claims, but it had a long list of creditors and investors that it had to notify about its bankruptcy. The critics in San Francisco claimed it was just another way for rich techies to get to work — the city already has an extensive network of commuter shuttles. A city supervisor reportedly called it a “crock of s—” and criticized it for creating a two-tier transit system in the city when it first launched in 2013. The high-end line of buses were equipped with Wi-Fi, coffee, snacks, power outlets, and leather seats. The company attracted money from some of the top venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, including Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. When Business Insider reporter Matt Weinberger rode it during the first week, the Leap “attendant” on the bus said that it had already changed its stop locations twice after the bus blocked a homeowner’s driveway and then a convenience store. Given free rein to choose my seat, I sat down at what looked like the counter at your everyday coffee shop and sat on the leather stool, facing the window so I could watch the masses not on a private bus go by.

Source: Leap, the luxury San Francisco commuter bus, is bankrupt and selling its buses for $5 each – SFGate

Hey all!

So, there is this local (SF) company named Sonas. They make these amazing custom patchwork jeans as well as t-shirts. They are currently running a fundraising effort via indie a gogo. Please take a look and share/support if you can.

You can even aquire your very own pair of the fashionable and slimming jeans for $99.00! Let’s help an indie designer make their dreams come true…



Shop The Shotwell Pop Up this weekend!


SHOTWELL will be opening a pop-up shop this Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 6pm hosted by Engine Works. Come chill and shop new product including local designers: Momoca, Jasko Begovic, and Aziz Habibi + loads of new vintage, accessories and more!

I can tell you from personal experience Shotwell has a variety of really cool pieces that I think you all would love and would make great additions to your wardrobe.
Workshop. & LEAF art collective will also be there selling clothing and art:

About the venue: Engine Works is a collectively run art space based in the Mission founded in May 2010. One of the major focuses of the space is to strengthen the existing community by creating a new and exciting outlet for the arts

Also, The San Francisco Rock Project will be performing on Sunday at 2pm! Check ’em out here:

Items are in limited supply, so be sure to get there early for the best selection!

Shop Shop Shop!