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Tis my hair


You can’t tell me makeup ain’t magical #beauty repost from xmelissamakeupx


Pat Cleveland in 1972 wearing Stephen BurrowsStephen Burrows: When Fashion Danced is a new exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York which showcases several original pieces by the pioneering designer, along with sketches and photographs of his innovative work from the 1970s.  Photo: Charles Tracy.



Bankhead bounces thru your timeline..

Get your shop on everyone! #shopindie #beauty #spa #presidentsday

Spent the weekend in the city, and made sure to have my travel stash of @whippedproducts on deck 🙂 #beauty


Pat Cleveland in an orange halter dress and pants ensemble from Halston’s Spring 1980 collection. New York Fashion Week is next week and I’ll be there again covering for my fashion/beauty blog 55 Secret Street. I hope I run into Pat again like I did last year! Photo by Dustin Pittman from the Conde Nast Archives.


Sophia Loren


Hey ladies….


Have you noticed that more and more women (and men) seem to be wearing hair extensions in droves? It’s not limited to one specific ethnic or economic group either. Hair extensions have become big business. Really big business.

How big? The wholesale price for some Remy has tripled within the past 10 years. Even with the economic downturn, though many have had to make adjustments in their household budgets and make cuts, beauty upkeep, especially hair extensions, does not seem to be as affected.

Read more about the gold mine that is the Human Hair Trade here.