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Hey all…

I know this has been a dramatic news week with all the news that’s been coming out thus week but there is one huge.. HUGE thing that has received little to no coverage whatsoever.

You no longer have the right to remain silent.

I repeat… That Miranda part about you having the right to remain silent? No longer applies.

Seriously. The Supreme Court put an end to it this week.


Read on for the details courtesy of Slate.com

You no longer have the right to remain silent


Insanity! Every time something comes along that can help common folks make a lil bit of money, and it quickly gets outlawed. Booooo!
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This nonsense really has to stop!

Wet Seal has been fined for systematically discriminating against black employees. Wtf? People of color shop at your retail stores too, but you’d rather us not work there or at least not in a manager or up front position?

This is why I say always say be smart about where you shop. They aren’t the only retailer to practice this type of discrimination, they just got caught.
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