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This nonsense really has to stop!

Wet Seal has been fined for systematically discriminating against black employees. Wtf? People of color shop at your retail stores too, but you’d rather us not work there or at least not in a manager or up front position?

This is why I say always say be smart about where you shop. They aren’t the only retailer to practice this type of discrimination, they just got caught.
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Manatee grey? That’s f’d up..

Ain’t it? I mean damn… And miss me with the excuse.

Target Revises Color Description to ‘Manatee Grey’ for Plus Size Dresses

So. Sonoma jeans originally sold at Kohls that ended up at Ross for over 50 percent off? #Retail #fashion (Taken with Instagram)

Scenes from a $.97 store in SF….

Wait… Hair and Relaxers? Be right back.


Yep, it’s August and you know what that means!

The Holiday shopping season has begun.

Wait… what?


Stores have already started to stock their shelves with Holiday goodies (thank goodness i’ve yet to see one of those weird awful fruitcakes). In some locations, the decorations are already being pulled off the back warehouse shelf and tossed up on the walls in the attempts to get everyone in that happy holiday shopping mood.

Just one thing. It’s August. Like the first week of August.

Holiday Season=December. Late December.

I personally think it’s a little much. There really is no need to start as soon as August to entice Holiday shoppers. People shopping in August most times are people buying presents… for themselves. The fact that even the shopping channels are already trying to sell you fake trees and the latest in tricked out lights so you can finally put the smack down on that obnoxious jerk neighbor and be the biggest brightest house on the block with a power bill you’ll have to split up among three paychecks.

What do you think? Do you think August is too soon to roll out the Holiday Red Carpet treatment? Or do you think it could have sooner? Or are you not a holiday type shopper and don’t even notice the fuss? Let us know!