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This is how ridiculous the start-up game gas gotten in SF. People are actually paying to take naps in pods at lunch time. Actual American $$$. 

Go home techie friends. Your drunk.

Well well well…..

The tech crunch is experiencing an interesting turn of events. Start-ups are now moving their customer support and other services out of the Bay Area because the costs are simply too damn high.

Not the higher end positions too much, but you know that’s next.

The only thing I wonder about is what happens when tech companies stop expanding in the Bay Area and folks flock elsewhere. Will the rents drop? Will the jobs lost be made up elsewhere? Will SF end up looking like a ghost town because the cool kids moved on to hipper, cheaper surroundings?

We’ll soon find out!



I have so many conflicted feelings about this. I truly understand both sides, but a resolution won’t be coming overnight. Right now the Bay Area and SF in particular is a smoldering powder keg about to blow. And when it does, it won’t be pretty for anyone involved.



Source: Tech Workers in San Francisco Feel Threatened by Long Term Residents | NBC Bay Area

*LL- This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, it certainly isn’t to me. They are currently working on the back-end to enable new features and most times this requires a “dusting” of the site in full. I am surprised that all of this seems to be happening in prime time hours instead of late evening/night like most sites. Well… at least it’s not due to hacker attacks. One can hope…*


At about 12:00 p.m. PDT today (3:00 p.m. EDT), Facebook went down. This is the third time the social network has gone down this month.

Source: Facebook has now gone down three times this month

*LL- Of course there is yet ANOTHER name for the millennial generation. *

Meet the unholy mashup of hipster and yuppie, the Yuccie.

Source: The Yuccie and 2 Dozen Other Ways to Categorize Millennials |

Here go hell come…

So what do you think Oakland? Good or bad?

Coming soon!
I’m actually curious though. I like this design a lot.

Share this with your Apple fan boy friends… Yikes!

And yes, cyber attacks can happen anywhere.

See,  this does not surprise me. Majority of these tech companies have a very large audience but only hire few ethnic. And of the ethnic persons on staff, they are segregated by dept. Or else, and my fav,  they hire them on “contract” work…. 😑