Quick tip: always make nice with the folks in IT! ALWAYS!

5 True Stories That Prove You Shouldn’t Piss Off The IT Guy | Cracked.com

What happens when you have a one night stand and then.. The city goes into lockdown the

A cautionary and funny one night stand tale..

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Your life could always be worse.

How The Male Angler Fish Gets Completely Screwed – The Oatmeal

I really hope this isn’t true… I have always loved Sharon Osbourne as a straight shooting wife who kept her family together. Sigh..

EXCLUSIVE: Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne living separate lives | The Sun |Showbiz

Ya’ll gon’ learn today..

New Jay-z “Open Letter”

RIP Roger Ebert, you were one of the best who’d ever done it 😦

Roger Ebert’s Good Life : The New Yorker

Manatee grey? That’s f’d up..

Ain’t it? I mean damn… And miss me with the excuse.

Target Revises Color Description to ‘Manatee Grey’ for Plus Size Dresses

Cannot. Wait. I

So just who are all these people on the new Daft Punk album? – Beatport News

Surprised? Me neither..

Juicy Couture Prints ‘Manufactured in Glamorous USA’ on Clothing, Forgets to Take Off ‘Made in Vietnam’ Tags