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Not surprised. Vinyl is great. I was smart enough to never get rid of mine… all I need to do is fix my record player.


The vinyl resurgence is real, but artists are still getting screwed.

Source: Vinyl Record Sales Generated More Money This Year Than Free Streaming Music


This is the original artist. Had no idea. He passed away today so I feel we should share this gem in his memory.


John Holt – The Tide is High: http://youtu.be/xarzG8-EQPc

Did you know this song was a remake? Me neither. Damn 80’s.

I like The Coup. I like Patton Oswalt. I love the song. What do you think?

This is so Bay Area

I love this show, so sad to see it go.
Enjoy! And check out the full Seasons 1-2 on YouTube!

Catchy no? The new one from Psy “Gentleman”

Yes. Yes. YES.

Ya’ll gon’ learn today..

New Jay-z “Open Letter”

Cannot. Wait. I

So just who are all these people on the new Daft Punk album? – Beatport News