So, if your local supermarket suddenly has the most AMAZING sale on seafood you’ll know to pass. Share with friends, and knowledge is power.

Gulf seafood deformities alarm scientists |

Justin Timberlake- Let the Groove in (Live with the Roots on Jimmy Fallon Show)

Jam of the Day

Words can’t express how much I love this..

For those that don’t know what “cuffing season” is…


This…. Is awesome. Go Matthew!

From the desk of Patricia…

80’s Street Dance Muzak

Let’s Dance!

Slave Earrings? This from the same edition that brought us the Black model features? Very disappointed.

Vogue Italia has their f’n nerve..


Everything you need to know about stans as written by me, Trini Trent. Enjoy.

Note: these stan reviews don’t apply to everybody so don’t get offended. It’s all fun.

Michael Jackson stans

  • Most deadly stan group.
  • They don’t just attack your Twitter; they find your IP, call your…

The Lava Lizard: The Book of Stans


After confessing on Monday that he tweeted a picture of his penis, Anthony Weiner’s online dirty laundry quickly piled up. And on tonight’s Real Time, Bill Maher and Jane Lynch gave one such piece of it—Weiner’s X-rated Facebook exchanges with Vegas blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss—the…

Bill Maher and Jane Lynch Give Dramatic Reading of Weiner’s Dirty Facebook Messages(via @Gawker)

It’s funny cause its true

What your email address says about you